Here is a small tutorial on how to get the RestructuredText Wordpress Plugin working at


  1. At each $USER has folder where all it’s content lives. Where $USER is your hostpoint username. This folder is /home/$USER. It’s the same folder you see as / if you connect via FTP.

  2. We create a bin directory which hold the necessary scripts to render ReST. If you access via FTP just create a bin directory at the same level as your www and public_html directories live.


  1. Get the newest docutils from or download (Version 0.5) directly from here.

  2. Unpack the packages, and upload the following files to /home/$USER/bin

    • tools/
    • extras/

    You have to upload the following directory too

    • docutils/
  3. Once you have uploaded all of these your ReST parser should be ready.

Wordpress Plugin

  1. Download the Wordpress Plugin from: I recommend using the dos-hacks branch as it seems to be more robust. If you don’t know bazaar you can directly download the latest rest.php.

  2. Copy rest.php to your Wordpress plugin directory. Normally this is: <wp>/wp-content/plugins

  3. Now log in to wordpress and go to the Plugin Tab, you should see a reStructuredText plugin.

  4. Click the edit button to open the editor, and change: $prefix = "/home/$USER"

  5. You can now activate the plugin.

Using Restructured Text

  1. To tell Worpress you want to enter ReST you have to include -*- mode: rst -*- in the first line of your post.

I hope this tutorial helps other hostpoint customers. If you encounter any problems please write in the comments so I can improve the tutorial.